Current Issue of E-Magazine: Colleges Go Green

As the latest edition of E, the Environmental Magazine points out, the students on college campuses are becoming a force to be reckoned with in the push for a sustainable planet. Take one Brianna Cayo Cotter, communications director for the Energy Action Coalition who points out that "Climate change is our generation's civil rights movement." She goes on to point out that "We're at a crucial moment in history," she said. "Climate change is an issue that's already impacting us, from the destruction of the Appalachian Mountains to the wildfires in California. We get that the resource wars and super storms are connected. And we get that the steps taken today will end up being the future for tomorrow."

Not surprisingly, "E" points out sustainability initiatives on campuses are multiplying fast with schools competing to show off just how green they are. With everything from local food in cafeterias to courses on renewable energy along with installations of solar and wind power finding their way on campus.

Of course, a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Which makes this TreeHugger expect more good things to come.

via:: E-Magazine

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