Crisis Confirmed: The Great Copy Machine Epidemic Strikes Schools Across America


With confirmed cases in New York and Florida, and with rumors coming out of California, Texas, and Maine about possible outbreaks there, it's clear that what experts are calling the Great Copy Machine Epidemic has struck schools across America. The symptoms include the tendency of school photocopy machines to chew up trees at an amazing rate, and furthering the use of enormous amounts of energy to create the paper on which they print, contributing to global warming.

Of course, the students and faculty on the crisis team at the Robert Moses Middle School where symptoms of the disease were first observed are working feverishly to uncover the cause. And they're asking schools across America to join them in a national day of action to help stop global warming on April 17th by putting their school photocopier under quarantine for the day, and asking teachers and students not to make or use any photocopies in class.
Now that may help cure the problem but it won't uncover precisely what disease is striking the machines. Fortunately there's a great, fun way that you can help do just that by putting together a crisis team in your school to creatively demonstrate what you believe is making your photocopier sick. Then taking a photograph and emailing it to copy crisis headquarters for further analysis by the deadline of April 19th to help solve the crisis.

The most creative entries that convey the message that the use of excess paper contributes to global warming will be chosen as finalists and posted on the site where everyone is invited to come and vote.

The winning school will win the title of "Copy Crisis Team of the Year" along with a $100 grant to plant a tree on school grounds that's being provided by teacher and crisis team coordinator Mr. Luna, who points out that "There is no better time than now to get schools involved in a positive way in the fight against global warming. Unfortunately, the world will not stand still if we sit by and do nothing."

To get involved head over to and find out how easy it is to get your school on-board.

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via:: Copy Crisis Headquarters

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