Criminal Charges Threatened For Letting A Kid Ride Her Bike To School

abandoned bike photo

Abandoned bike. Image credit:Flickr, naturegeek

Nanny State thinking seems to have reached a new and perverse peak. DC StreetsBlog documents the sad story of a Tennessee Mom Threatened With Arrest For Letting Daughter Bike to School. You must read the whole post to feel the philosophies in conflict.

The post closes on a circumspect note that took away some of the sadness I felt on reading it: "Andy Clarke, president of the League of American Bicyclists, just commented on the League's blog that Tryon's is "a frustrating story with no obvious winners and lots of people left feeling aggrieved." Rather than take a position on whether or not the police were correct to intervene, Clarke makes the case that the situation points to the need for greater investment in safe routes to school for kids."Is there a chance that in his upcoming Congressional speech on jobs that Obama will call for Federal investment in bike paths so kids can bike or walk to school? Not likely, given that we are still waiting for GM and Chrysler to pay back the government loans.

Still, this is the kind of story that ought to unite the far-freaking right with libtards, tree huggers, and the few hippie remnants. A united group of counter-cultures could lead to a reliance on more individual responsibility and identifying a fitting role for local and state government to solve conflicts like this. (It's not just one little town that needs a mindset adjustment. DC Streets Blog identified several similar recent incidents.)