Creating a Global Transition Documentary Without Flying (Video)

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Image credit: Transition Network

The Transition Movement, a community-focused response to peak oil that originated in the UK and Ireland has inspired energy action groups in the USA, cropped up as local food initiatives in Japan, and sought solutions to resource depletion and poverty in the favellas of Brazil.

Now the Transition Network is putting together a documentary that charts the progress being made around the world. The only trouble is, none of the film makers believe in flying...

Given the astronomical environmental and economic costs of flying, there is an undeniable logic to the idea that film makers interested in resilience, sustainability and community resourcefulness would want to avoid jetting around the world to document some community gardens or composting schemes.

Instead, the team behind Transition 2.0—the documentary—are putting their faith in the skills inherent in the Transition Network. But they need your help to make it happen. They are now appealing for funding to pay film makers in Brazil, Portugal, US, Canada, New Zealand and Japan.

You can even choose which "leg" of the virtual filming tour you want to support.

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