Create Your Own Climate Skeptic Think Tank: Answer Those Nagging Doubts


Don't let Competitive Enterprise, or Heartland, snag all the grant money from Big Coal and Big Oil. The recent availability of off-the-shelf climate modeling tools means you too can be a Think Tank expert. This model comes complete with thousands of years of climate data thrown in at no extra charge!

Daily headlines trumpet record-breaking temperatures, dwindling sea ice, and retreating glaciers around the world. But in the global-warming debate, definitive answers to questions about ultimate causes and effects remain elusive. Is our planet really destined for a hot future? Or are we simply experiencing a natural variation in Earth's climate cycles that will return to "normal" in time?

Using carbon dioxide and temperature variations over the last 400,000 years — one company has attempted to answer the question: a natural cycle or human consequence?

And that company would be: TIBCO. With TIBCO's Spotfire Global Warming Module, the world is your limit.
Global warming is certainly a "hot" topic these days, but some data suggests that our environmental changes might actually be part of a larger climate cycle. Check out this interesting dataset that contains carbon dioxide (CO2) and temperature variations over the last 400,000 years. Interactively explore this simple, yet fascinating, dataset and see what new insights you might learn for yourself!

See. You too can be a climate Super Modeler. Don't waste your time lugging paper to the recycling bin or turning down the thermostat when you could be running half millennial hind-cast projections.

Should your boss ask you what you're up, you might try either "Proving Al Gore Wrong" or "Seeing If Those IPCC Guys Deserved A Nobel." One of those is bound to work.

Via::SpotFire Central Image credit::All I Know*2, Beautiful Images of Dead Computers