Craigslist Foundation creates Environmental Non-Profit Network

The mega-popular Craigslist, through its namesake foundation, has created the Environmental Non-Profit Network (ENPN) with the goal of "effective collaboration and education among environmental organizations, reducing duplication of efforts and engagement of a wider public." Although the organization is still nascent, ENPN's website is already asking environmental organizations to contact them so that they can participate in their events. Our friends at Grist have a nice overview of ENPN's current embryonic state and interviews with some of the people behind the non-profit."This network does not belong to Craigslist Foundation," said Heyman. "It belongs to the Bay Area environmental nonprofit community. We are merely a facilitator. We are trying to empower people to collectively and individually run this thing and tell us how we can help. We're trying not to express an agenda beyond encouraging collaboration and decreasing duplication of effort."

Could it be a bit like a Wikipedia for environmental organizations? Created by the community, for the community, but within a basic framework to keep things working smoothly. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

::Environmental Non-Profit Network, via ::Grist

[by MGR]