Cow Escapes From New York Slaughterhouse, Ponders Fate

calf photo

Photo by JelleS via Flickr CC (not Molly, but a darn cute cow anyway)

This cow knew what was up as it headed for slaughter. The black angus heifer escaped from Musa Hala Inc, wandered in Queens for awhile, and now is awaiting to find out its new fate. According to Huffington Post, the cow's next step in life depends upon if anyone claims her. For now, her name is Molly and she's hanging out at an Animal Care and Control center. If no one claims her, then she will definitely have dodged the slaughterhouse and will likely go to a sanctuary.

UPDATE from Huffington Post:

New York Animal Care & Control call operator Sharema Govan tells HuffPost Green that Molly the cow has found a new home at a farm. When asked if Molly would be slaughtered, Govan replied, "Absolutely not!"

She directed us to someone else for more details and we're waiting on a return call now.

Via Huffington Post
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