Could USA Collapse Like the USSR? Dmitry Orlov on Economic Unsustainability (Video)

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I'm an optimist. And with all the positive attributes of plenitude economics and local investing, I don't often feel the need to focus on potential calamity as a reason to create alternatives. Nevertheless, no political model or civilization lasts forever, so contemplating what happens next is only smart. In fact, says one author, we are already witnessing the collapse of the US economy as we know it—a collapse that is almost parallel with that of the USSR.

Is it true? And what the heck should we do about it?

Of course the thesis that the USSR's collapse was caused by simply using up its natural resources is itself a contentious one—and there are plenty of people who claim that sustainability and growth do not have to be mutually exclusive. But let's face it, our economic outlook does not currently look healthy.

Whether or not you buy the prognosis of inevitable collapse, the need to invest in social capital and resilience is a sensible approach whichever way you look at it. While I prefer the positive drivers of closer community, more fun, and a healthier environment, Dmitry Orlov provides an alternative perspective for why working less, playing more and caring for the planet is not just a good idea. It may be our only choice.

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