Cost Increase Ants Spoiling The Nuclear Picnic


The notion of nuclear energy saving the earth's climate is so romantic. We simply must open our parasols. With light cascading down from openings in the forest canopy, illuminating the possibilities, it is just so exciting to think on a neglected technology saving the planet.

Not so fast! Like ants at the climate-action picnic, costs increases are eating away at that bucolic vision. Stainless steel ants: very expensive to keep in control. Concrete ants: gone wild. Copper motor coil ants: hugely expensive. Even the engineering ants are charging more, in spite of design outsourcing. Getting so bad, it is, even the nuclear pandering-most politicians may end up going for renewables.

How do we know it's getting serious? The preliminary engineering cost estimates are Top Secret.

The estimated cost of new nuclear power plants has tripled in the past few years, with projections now hitting $6 billion to $9 billion per reactor. Cost estimates are expected to continue escalating. Soaring costs make the prospect of new nuclear power even harder to sell to a public that will ultimately pay for new plants through rate increases.

Nuclear critics are homing in on the staggering costs to lobby their case. It helps the opponents to have a dollar figure to object to, but electric utilities are reluctant to cooperate. Nuclear opponents are trying to force Duke Energy of Charlotte to disclose the projected cost of a proposed nuclear plant in Cherokee County, S.C., that would serve the Carolinas

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Via::The News Observer, "Cost of nuclear plant fuels battle./, Price of new plants in North and South Carolina would be ammunition for opponents -- if utilities didn't hold info close" Image credit::"How Stuff Works," The dome-shaped containment building at the Shearon Harris Nuclear Power Plant near Raleigh, NC. AND This Distracted Globe, Picnic at Hanging Rock