Correction: Greenpeace UK Not Calling for IPCC Chairman Pachauri to Step Aside

greenpeace stop climate change photo

photo: © Greenpeace/Christian Aslund via flickr.

Yesterday you may have seen on TreeHugger and elsewhere remarks by Greenpeace UK director John Sauven which implied that the organization thought that IPCC chairman Dr Rajendra Pachauri should step down from his post in order the rebuild public confidence in the organization. Well, it appears that Sauven's remarks were taken out of context. An email sent around this morning attempted to clarify things:

Greenpeace is not calling for the resignation of the IPCC Chair nor do we believe that there are fundamental issues with the way the IPCC
conducts its business.

"Greenpeace is not calling for Pachauri's resignation. We believe the
IPCC is an open and transparent organization, and we trust it to
manage itself."

Q. Was John Sauven / Greenpeace UK calling for Dr Pachauri to resign?

A. John's remarks were made at a reception and were part of a much
longer conversation. What was reported in the Times does not reflect
the totality of the conversation. The IPCC is an open and transparent
organization and Greenpeace trusts it to resolve these issues itself.

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