Corporate Climate Schizophrenia Noticed By Major US Investors

schizophrenia on vimeo photo

"Schizophrenia on Vimeo by Ralph Buckley" Image credit:Ralph Buckley on Flickr.

It's no surprise that large corporations could have lobbying offices in Washington DC running one way on an environmental issue and corporate environmental or 'sustainability' veeps running the other way. You'd think CEOs would bang heads to make them align with a single pole but, sadly, and ridiculously in this climate change example, that is not happening very much. Forty three major US corporations are having their feet held to a fire for either sloppy management and/or a very cynical public relations outlook. Over $200 billion in assets are at stake. Climate is the nexus.As reported in the press release issued by Calvert Investments, Inc., Bethesda, Maryland and Boston Asset Management, Boston, MA,

Nearly two dozen investors and investment organizations, representing over $200 billion in assets under management, sent letters to 43 major companies on the Board of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) urging them to explain the misalignment between their own company's climate policies and NAM's position seeking to strip EPA of its ability to curtail greenhouse gases.

Many companies that are NAM Board members have set laudable goals to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and overall environmental impact. Yet through NAM these same companies simultaneously lobby and support measures to weaken, delay or overturn Environmental Protection Agency regulations to lower greenhouse gas emissions, according to the joint letter from 23 investors and investment organizations.

In alphabetical order, the full list of companies is as follows:
* 3M Company
* Abbott Laboratories
* AT&T;
* Air Products & Chemicals
* Alcoa
* Bayer
* Boeing
* Clorox
* ConAgra Foods
* Conoco Phillips
* C.R. Bard
* CSX Corporation
* Deloitte LLP
* Devon Energy
* Dow Chemical Company
* Ecolab
* Eli Lilly & Co.
* Ernst & Young
* Exxon Mobil Corporation
* Ford Motor Company
* General Electric Company
* General Motors Company
* Grant Thornton
* H.J. Heinz
* Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
* Ingersoll Rand
* Intel
* Johnson Controls
* Merck & Company, Inc.
* Nucor, Pfizer, Inc.
* PPG Industries
* Praxair
* Pricewaterhouse Coopers
* Procter & Gamble Company
* Ryder Systems
* Shell Oil Company
* Sherwin-Williams
* Southern Company
* Toyota Motor Corporation
* Verizon Communications.

Notice the several foreign corporations on the list, as well as the recently bailed out General Motors. Toyota, maker of Prius...need I say more?