Corks for Trunks

Get a bunch of offices, shops, eateries, schools and even wineries to collect corks for you. Gather around 30 million of the things, which might be about 123 tonnes and it would appear that you might get $170 million AUD for your trouble. Not that you were going to keep all that moolah to fund a big bubbly binge session of your own. Oh, No, If you were the Melbourne Zoo, and the Friends thereof, you’d be directing that dough towards benefiting Asian Elephants in your care. Your cork collection just might find new life in cricket and hockey balls, or maybe pinboards, engine gaskets, and flooring products. And not only would you be reducing pressure on the limited number of cork trees but you’d be diverting a renewable material stock from languishing in the landfill. Has all the hallmarks of a win-win. This Tip brought to you from the keen seeking eye of Lisa F. ::Friends of the Zoo - FOTZ