Coping With Climate Depression: Check Your Flight Schedule Before The Party

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Makings of a tea party. Image credit:

Ever been grounded for endless hours while sitting in an airliner, the only diversion watching heat waves from the jet engine? I had a dream like that in which the weather only worsened until, when we finally deplaned, all eyes were focused not on the carbon bomb that had permanently made the weather more volatile, but on a table set for tea in the departure lounge.Lindsay Patterson writes of a despondency over the slow motion pace of managing climate change in How to deal with climate-related depression.

I have a hunch a that "climate change depression" (CCD) is a common malaise for academics...especially those with children, or who study biodiversity...for environmental lobbyists, and for government scientists. It might be worse for coal miners, though. Who's to say?

Can you imagine how commerce would be affected if climate change made flying far less reliable, and more grueling than it already is? That would get some attention from the party goers. More than would a computer model, or claims that Katrina was as bad as it was because the climate had changed.

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