Copenhagen Lights Pedal-Powered Christmas Tree, Sends a Message for Talks (Video)

copenhagen christmas tree image

Image via video screngrab

Everyone is hopping on board to help keep Copenhagen's Christmas tree lit. The gorgeous tree is dependent upon passers-by, as it is pedal powered. The tree demonstrates energy efficiency - it's lit only when people are gathered around to enjoy it. And it's a statement to say that if everyone pitches in, we'll be able to transition to a sustainable world. Check out the video of the tree - and its cycling admirers - in action.

The 17-meter high tree is hung with 700 lights, all powered by the volunteer riders of 15 bicycles set up at the tree's base.

It's symbolic on many levels, but perhaps most importantly is that it requires the effort of everyone to keep something good going. Hopefully the participants in the COP15 talks take it to heart.

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