'Copenhagen' Hits #1 Most Discussed Topic on Google

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That's right--yesterday, 'copenhagen' beat out 'tiger woods' to claim the mantle of the #1 'most discussed' search topic on Google. This means that the world's eyes are indeed on COP15--and that world leaders have a real opportunity here. They can take advantage of the spotlight and make real progress in crafting the foundation for a global climate treaty. More info, and a graph of other related surging terms (thankfully, 'Nations Rush to Create the First Draft of a Global Climate Treaty ...">climategate' is on the decline) after the jump.As you can see on the new Google Trends Hot Topics section, 'copenhagen' is hovering in the ranks of the most discussed topics on Google. When I started writing this, it was #1, now it appears to have dipped below Tiger again, but of course could resurface.

Here's a chart showing the activity of some of the top search terms: blue is Copenhagen, red is 'global warming', orange is 'climate change' and green is 'climategate'.

As you can see, interest has spiked sharply in climate searches over the last few days--except in searches for 'climategate' where it seems the conspiracy theorists are finally tiring out.

But the real news, of course, is that that the global community is overwhelmingly interested, and is either following or learning about the summit in Copenhagen. I guess if anything can surpass a scandal of Tiger Woods' proportions, it's over 180 nations working together to build a roadmap to re-stabilize our natural world. The international community is watching--now it's up to world leaders to follow through.

Note: this post has been updated, and corrected to reflect that 'copenhagen' was not the #1 most searched term, but the most discussed term.
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