COP15's Final Hours: Hopenhagen or Nopenhagen? (Slideshow)

vigil for survival photo

photo: Matthew McDermott

It's shaping up to be a long night for negotiators here in Copenhagen for COP15. The last two days have been a flurry of speeches and rumors. Leaked documents confirming that national offers on the table are ensuring the deaths of millions in the developing world are fluttering around on email. A draft text of a treaty has even made its appearance over at DeSmogBlog -- I've refrained from posting on it just to keep the chatter down. We'll know soon enough what's been filled into the blanks in that draft.

But over in another part of town civil society has set up shop after being excluded from the conversation in the Bella Center. Hundreds of people joined together last night in a Vigil for Survival that, for me at least, is the real Hopenhagen. Check it out...

hopenhagen or nopenhagen slideshow
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