COP15 Wraps Up, Opinions Fly, and it Could All Be Written in Glowing Fungi


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th-mini-99-cop15.jpgCOP15 Is Over
- ClimateGate was a sham, but that didn't stop good old politics from throwing a few wrenches into the works. A 'non-binding-agreement' might be better than nothing, but a lot remains to be desired. Keep in touch with finishing coverage in our road to Copenhagen series.

th-mini-99-arnold.jpgCOP15 & Schwarzenegger: "We Are The Climanators" - With multi-national agreement on the iffy side, there remains a chance that local and regional governments can create some degree of progress on the climate front, and California's Governor claims to advocate this.

th-mini-99-team.jpgEngaging Employees in Sustainability - While your government may be twiddling its thumbs, there's plenty to be done at the corporate level with regards to improving consciousness on sustainability. Getting employees fired up is a key way to get the ball rolling. Here are some tips to get it started.

th-mini-999-chains.jpgThe Climate Denier/Slavery Metaphor - A controversial position by one of our guest posters suggests climate change deniers are analogous to slave owners of the olden days - taking something for free that shouldn't be. What do you think?

th-mini-999-mush.jpgFungi: The New Natural Advertising Solution? - On a lighter note, Paul Smith comes across a new startup offering marketing solutions using naturally phosphorescent bacteria and fungi. Wacky.

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