COP15 Is Here, Ford Re-Training for Electric Cars & Finland Ho!


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COP15 Is Here - The conference everyone but email hackers have been waiting for is upon us. Will Copehagen produce meaningful dialogue or fizzle? Follow along with Tom Schueneman and others as we track the conference live for the next two weeks in our road to Copenhagen series.

The Story of Cap & Trade, Plus Reader Stories - Annie Leonard's "Story of Stuff" touched a lot of minds, but will her follow up on Cap & Trade do the same? 3p readers are having a field day in the comments. Join in and tell us what you think!

Ford Retooling for Electric Times - Well then, it's about time for some good news out of Detroit. Ford's teamed up with Detroit University to re-train engineers in the nuances of electric vehicles. Now we're talking charge, I mean change!

Is The End of Bottled Water Nigh? - Suave marketing brought us the age of mass consumed bottled water, but will counter efforts by reusable bottle makers combined with a down economy finally take the sexiness out of your FIJI?

Finland Welcomes 3p's Jen Boynton - Triple Pundit's star reporter Jen Boynton in in Helsinki this week hearing the Finnish case for sustainabiliy and getting to know leading companies in the sauna. Dispatches are coming in. Leave a comment if there's anything you want to ask.

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