Coolaworld: Shopping Can't Save Us


Having written only yesterday about how we hoped the green living show LondonAware08 would be more than just another chance to consume 'ethically', we thought we'd check out some of the exhibitors. Unfortunately the first one we came across, Coolaworld, doesn't exactly fill us with excitement. Breathlessly exclaiming that users can "shop and save the planet", Coolaworld is basically an online shopping service that allows you to build credits that are donated to cool projects.
Don't get us wrong — if people are going to shop, then we are all for taking some of that revenue and channeling it to worthwhile planet saving activities. We ourselves sometimes have to tread a fine line between supporting cool green companies and encouraging unnecessary consumerism. It's just that when the language starts edging towards the idea that the more you shop, the better the planet will be, we start to get scared. It may be time to ask, once again, what would Jesus buy?

::Coolaworld::via LondonAware08::

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