Controversial Pro-Clean Air Act Ad Shows Babies Smoking (Video)


Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Arkansas) has recently joined forces with Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) to try to block the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. The Supreme Court ruled years ago that this was the proper legal action to take, and Obama had mobilized the EPA to do exactly that. But in order to protect polluting industries in their states (mostly coal and oil) Murkowski and Blanche have created an amendment, popularly known as the Dirty Air Act, to try to thwart the Clean Air Act. This has caused something of an outrage, and has led to this controversial commercial airing in Arkansas:

The basis for the ad appears to have come from Lincoln's statement issued on why she's trying to thwart the Environmental Protection Agency. In it, she criticizes both the EPA's plans to regulate greenhouse gases and the cap and trade plans that would put a price on carbon to help clean energy industries get a foothold in the American economy. She says it will cause to become less competitive with India and China (even though nearly the opposite is in fact the case), and that "Arkansans, and the American public, want Congress to take a breath, slow down, and thoughtfully come up with energy policy that makes common sense and will help grow our economy."

According to the Huffpo Green,

Activist groups such as the Sierra Club and MoveOn have found Lincoln's use of of the term "take a breath" to be quite ironic, and have hit back against her efforts to derail greenhouse gas regulations.

"Senator Lincoln's constituents ought to ask her why she wants to help Big Oil and out-of-state coal companies to the detriment of the clean energy businesses and natural gas industry that are actually creating jobs in her home state," President of the Sierra Club Carl Pope said in a press release.

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