Contractor Vents About BP's Shady Spill Response (Video)

Adam Dillon was a contractor for BP, and worked to help coordinate the spill cleanup of effort. His first appearance on television found him chasing reporters of a spill-impacted sight in the middle of a news segment for WDSU in New Orleans. Now, the tides have turned, and Dillon is willfully going to the press himself. After seeing firsthand how BP is orchestrating its cleanup effort, and bearing witness to some of its more secretive policies -- and getting fired for photographing sensitive sites -- he's decided to go public with the story. Video is after the jump. This is the first part of an interview Dillon did with WDSU (yes, the same news organization that he previously shooed away), and even though it has more than a hint of the disgruntled-employee factor, we have plenty of reason to believe he's telling the truth (via Mother Jones).

After all, another leading narrative throughout the spill (besides the questionable use of the dispersants, the offshore drilling moratorium, and the regulation question) is turning out to be the shutting out of the press by BP and the federal government. Plenty of such reports have already surfaced -- journalists turned away from public beaches, employees sacked for taking photos, reporters threatened with felonies and fines for getting to close.

This man's testimony offers another window into that prevailing culture of secrecy the spill response has cultivated. Also interesting are Dillon's thoughts on BP's priorities:

They're not worried about cleaning up the spill as it is... I will never have loyalty to this company. I will always have loyalty to my country, and my country comes first. And what this company is doing to this country right now is just wrong.

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