Conservative Media Continues Bizarre Crusade Against Solar

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Last week I wrote that anti-renewables, anti-green jobs distortion is only likely to proliferate, and sure enough conservative media outlets are seizing on the Solyndra bankruptcy to argue that solar power simply does not work, despite increasingly convincing evidence to the contrary. Media Matters has this piece on the gaping disconnect between conservative anti-solar vitriol and the promising signs of clean tech coming of age:

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers announced in June that solar panels, which have great potential for increases in efficiency, could become most cost-effective electricity source within a decade, even challenging fossil fuels. The International Energy Agency also recently said solar generators, including both solar photovoltaic and solar-thermal plants, may produce most of the world's electricity within 50 years.

Despite all this, conservative media claim solar power isn't worth pursuing.

Last night on Fox Business, Chris Horner of the Competitive Enterprise Institute claimed that the solar companies "are not responding to demand - they are providing something that doesn't work."

Amazing. I take this offensive as one more sign that certain vested interests are getting decidedly nervous.

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