Congress's New Science Chairman to Fight "Global Freezing"


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I present to you the United States of America -- the wealthiest, most prosperous nation on the planet. It is a nation whose storied tradition of embracing science -- we put the first man on the moon, dammit -- that has helped foster its prosperity. Now, this great nation, which has revolutionized information and clean energy technology, to name a few, is on the brink of being run by some of the most sterling scientific minds of our generation. Meet, for instance, the man who will be the Science Chairman in the House of Representatives. His name is Ralph Hall, and he doesn't know the difference between global warming and something he calls "global freezing."Doesn't know, or doesn't care. You be the judge. Here's what he said when asked if he'd seek to put more emphasis on the Science Committee next year. Politico reports:

Hall said he has no plans to give the Science Committee a bigger profile in the next Congress. "I'm satisfied," he said. "We have enough to do. We have some real challenges; we have the global warming or global freezing and then we have the space, the NASA program, that's enough for any one committee."
That's right, it's one of those two. Good to see that the man who will be in charge of science-related issues and legislation in the nation's greatest deliberative body has such a firm grasp of the issues.

Is it too much to ask that the Science Chairman in the United States Congress have a basic understanding of one of the preeminent scientific topics of the day? I mean, not even the wildest, most asinine climate skeptic on the planet -- not even Lord Monckton or Rush Limbaugh -- would suggest that there's something called "global freezing" going on (okay, maybe Glenn Beck would).

Sigh. It's yet another sign -- the GOP already killed the Global Warming Committee, after all -- that the next Congress is going to take us even further down a slippery slope of denying and disregarding science.

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