Congress Will Do USEPAs Job: Reduce Childhood Exposure To Phthalates In Toys

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The USEPA has, for decades, had the laws, regulations, and administrative systems needed to effectively manage hazardous chemicals. In recent years, however, EPA has been paralyzed by lobbying and political interventions: acceding it's once proud leadership role to the European Union. The EU REACH program is about to widen that chasm, and the US Congress is reacting now...belatedly, and piecemeal.

Congressional negotiators agreed yesterday to a ban on a family of toxins found in children's products, handing a major victory to parents and health experts who have been clamoring for the government to remove harmful chemicals from [vinyl] toys.
If history is any guide, a Presidential veto will be threatened. A US phthalate maker, ExxonMobil Chemical Company, has been one of the principal opponents of Congressional intervention in the issue.
The campaign was led by Exxon Mobil, which manufacturers diisononyl phthalate, or DINP, the phthalate most frequently found in children's toys.

Via::Washington Post, Lawmakers Agree to Ban Toxins in Children's Items

The opposition to banning phthalate use in toys may not be all based on "the science" as they like to say in Washington DC. If a market segment is suddenly carved away by legislative action, everyone knows when supply is in excess. Important to firms which have added more capacity.

Here's the sperm quote, also from the WaPo article:

Federally funded research by the Center for Reproductive Epidemiology at the University of Rochester Medical School found that male babies born to women with high levels of phthalates in their blood exhibited changes related to low sperm count, undescended testicles and other reproductive problems. In that study, the infants were exposed to phthalate levels way below the doses administered in rat experiments.

Phthalic symbol credit::Chem YQ, structural drawing, di-n-octyl phthalate;n-DOP

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