Congress Now Considering the "Most Anti-Environmental Legislation Ever" (Video)

Joe Romm points us to this fine speech that Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) gave at an anti-coal rally last week, heralding New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's $50 million donation to the Sierra Club and the launch of a new campaign. He took the opportunity to discuss what he called the "most anti-environmental legislation ever to be considered by Congress." Indeed, the FY 2012 Interior and Environment Appropriations bill (HR 2584) is currently being discussed on the House floor, and it's pretty much a full-bore assault on every important environmental protection we've got. Here's how Brad Johnson described the grotesque bill, a budget bill heavily influenced by the Tea Party, a few weeks back:

This Tea Party budget eviscerates protections for air, water, and land while delivering industry lobbyists a grab-bag of favors. The bill denies not only the threat of global warming pollution, but also that of formaldehyde, coal ash, and pesticides. The bill cuts EPA funding by $1.8 billion, or 20 percent, below President Obama's request, and caps employment at 1992 levels. The bill restores $55 million in offshore oil and gas subsides. The bill overrules the Department of Interior's provisional decision to protect the Grand Canyon from uranium mining (Sec. 445).
It guts the EPA, delivers subsidies to oil companies, prevents regulations on mountaintop removal mining, and allows destructive mining right next to the Grand Canyon. Seriously? I mean, even if these guys are hell bent on burning the environment to the ground, wouldn't they at least want to draw the line at revered American landmarks? Does the bill also mandate that John Boehner take a crap on Mount Rushmore?

This thing is truly outrageous. TP Green ticks off more of the bill's egregious provisions and riders here.

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