Congress Hearts Hydrogen: Federal Fuel Cell Funding Could Soon Be Restored

hydrogen car photo

photo: netwalkerz_net via flickr

Energy Secretary Stephen Chu and President Obama pulled funding for hydrogen car research from the budget, saying that it was more important to concentrate on other technologies, but members of Congress aren't having any of it. The New York Times reports that both the House and the Senate are pushing forward on restoring funding, in fact more funding than was axed by Chu and Obama: In the House, in the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program, $153 million was approved last Friday for hydrogen and fuel cells, with $40.45 million going to producing hydrogen from coal. (Yes, hydrogen from coal -- hardly what I'd call renewable energy, nor a particularly energy efficient use of resources...)

In the Senate, a total of $190 million was approved for the same program. If approved in its entirety this would be some $20 million-plus more than was in the original budget.

Final approval for the restoration of funding could come before the August recess.

via: New York Times
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