Congress Drinks Water in Compostable Bottles. Who Knew?

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Yes, there's plenty of action going on in Congress, with controversial climate bill being hotly debated and the did-she-or-didn't-she Pelosi torture memo chronicles, etc--but if we took a step back from the frenzied proceedings, we'd notice an odd little fact. Congressmen drink water packaged in compostable bottles. Who knew? Course, it's not as good as finding out Congressmen diligently filled their BPA-free water bottles from the tap every day, but it's still a semi-startling little tidbit. The fact was included in a report on the green industry on Capitol Hill
(and there are other interesting factoids as well, like how they've installed climate friendly coolers and biodegradable pens are circulated in Congress).

This pretty much sums up the story of how water bottles made of compostable plastic came to be sold and drank in Congress (from Politico):

A couple of years ago, Horner came to the Hill to pitch his drinkable yogurt bottled in compostable, polylactic acid containers. The House food vendor wasn’t much taken with the product. But staffers in the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer were intrigued by the idea of a compostable water bottle — the Hill goes through 100,000 a year — and told Horner as much.

He went back to work and returned to the Hill five months later with a prototype. And now, Green Bottle Spring Water can be found and purchased in each House and Senate office building.

Turns out the bottles were introduced, with little fanfare, last September, and have grown in popularity since. No word on what type of 'compostable' plastic is being used, or who's handling the composting.

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