Concerned Teachers Post Reward for School That Solves Great Copy Machine Epidemic


With schools in NY and Florida confirming cases of a strange, contagious disease striking their photocopy machines late last week, and with Grace Hill Elementary School in Rogers, Arkansas confirming a case of that same disease just yesterday, a small group of concerned teachers have pooled their resources to offer a cash reward to the school that can determine it’s cause.

Apparently, symptoms include a propensity to chew up trees at an amazing rate, all while using tremendous amounts of energy in the process which is leading to global warming.

Of course no one is quite sure yet what disease it is, and so the copy crisis team at the Robert Moses Middle School, set up to handle the emergency, is asking schools across America to join them in a national day of action to help stop global warming by putting their copiers under quarantine in a fun, creative way on April 17th. And asking teachers and students not to make or use any photocopies in classes on that day in hopes of ending the crisis.
So if your school photocopier looks like the one above (or even worse) and you think it may be affected by this strange disease, the crisis team is asking that you head over to the Great Copy Machine Epidemic website and see how you can help solve the Great Copy Machine Epidemic of 2008.

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via:: Copy Crisis Team

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