Comparing The Cost Of New Nuclear v.s. "Clean Coal" Plant Generated Electricity

The President and CEO of American Electric Power, Mr. Micheal Morris (pictured) recently spoke of his firm's capacity-adding strategy of investing in coal gasification technology instead of building new nuclear generating stations. For perspective, AEP is a 36,000 Megawatt capacity provider.

"American Electric Power Co. isn't planning to build any new nuclear power plants because delays will push operational starts to 2020, CEO Michael Morris said Tuesday. The first permit to build and operate a new U.S. reactor would be delayed by a court challenge that will probably reach the Supreme Court, Morris told reporters in Washington, D.C. Builders would also have to queue for certain parts and face "realistic" costs of about $4,000 a kilowatt, he said."

"Power producers proposing to build reactors have suggested they could be operating by 2015 or 2016. About 20 percent of U.S. electricity is generated by nuclear power today. Proposals to build as many as 28 new reactors have come after Congress in 2005 offered billions in loan guarantees and tax credits to those building new nuclear power plants. Reactors produce no greenhouse emissions, which contribute to global warming."

"I'm not convinced we'll see a new nuclear station before probably the 2020 timeline," Morris said. Instead of nuclear plants, Columbus, Ohio-based AEP is proposing to build advanced coal-fired generation that would be able to capture carbon dioxide emissions.TreeHugger comment: thanks to Mr Morris for challenging the TV news and cable talk shows that have been chanting: 'Nuclear power will save us from climate change..' Wish he'd said will capture instead of "would be able to" capture carbon dioxide.

Via:: Tulsa World.
Image credit:: AEP.