Company Gives Bonuses to Workers Who Recycle

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"Memo to Staff: As you know, our company is committed to the environment, blah blah blah. We're encouraging all of you to recycle." Not very convincing, right? And you've probably read something terribly similar if you've ever worked in an office. Now try this: "Memo to Staff: We're encouraging all of you to recycle, and we'll be paying out bonuses to the best of the best."
Ah ha. Now you've got my attention. We all know that recycling is the right thing to do, but there's no motivation like money, especially if you're trying to get non-recyclers to come on board. The Telegraph has news of Sustainability Momentum, or SuMo for short.

It's a software program that will be used to award the bonuses. There's one disclaimer though, the software will monitor what employees do to calculate how much of a bump they see in their paychecks. An invasion of privacy? Not really, since it's the workplace. Creepy, but in a good way?

A U.K. recycling and waste company called Veolia is the latest to sign on to the program. Three mobile phone operators and the Ashridge Business School also have installed the software. SuMo is downloaded to an employee's workstation so that the employer can monitor energy-saving procedures, according to The Telegraph.

"Each team, or floor, will be encouraged to provide information on how much waste they recycle and whether they switch off lights and computers.

And at the end of the year the information will be totted up to calculate staff bonuses linked to targets aimed at cutting companies' carbon footprint."

The software was developed by CloudApps, and includes a real-time display that shows employee energy use. CloudApps says energy and travel savings of 10 percent or more are common with SuMo.

Who wants to sign up for this at their business? Maybe just the threat of a program like this could get more employees to recycle and work in the dark. Watch the video above and see what you think.

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