Company Brings Farmer's Market to Employees


The company itself is housed in an old barn in Vermont, but Zutano, maker of a line of children’s clothing has come up with a clever idea to help employees get a regular crack at farm fresh organic vegetables that are locally grown despite the fact that they lead busy lives like everyone else. How’s that? Well, as company founder Michael Belenky puts it “If you can't bring the company to the farm bring the farm to the company." That way they’ll have the opportunity to purchase them on a weekly basis right in the parking lot without ever leaving the company premises.To pull it off they’ve teamed up with Toadstool Farms, a local grower of head lettuce, chard, kale, leaf lettuce, radishes, spinach, arugula, peas and certified organic strawberries who bring these and an assortment of homemade baked good every week to the company for employees and visitors alike to purchase. And by eliminating one more stop from the list of things to do on the way home from work, it seems to me they’re also helping to cut carbon emissions while switching to a healthier diet in the process.

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