Companies Propose US Climate Action Plans


Shell Oil, British Petroleum, Cinergy Corp., Intel, Holcim (US) Inc., PG&E; Corporation, Alcan Inc., Whirlpool Corporation, and others have endorsed the "Agenda for Climate Action" issued by the Pew Center on Climate Change. This happened to coincide with a widely publicized call by 85 influential U.S. evangelical Christian leaders for Congress to pass legislation that would reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. The corporate-endorsed report calls for a combination of economy-wide mandatory emissions cuts, technology development, scientific research, alternative energy production, and adaptation. To get around the miles-per-gallon political logjam, for example, the report recommends setting a tradable GHG-emissions-per-mile standard for a car manufacturer's fleet of vehicles. Also supported are massive investments in researching ways to capture and store GHG from coal power plants.We approach the tipping point: first a declaration that protecting the earth is a prevailing moral concern of Evangelical Christians; then, corporations endorse plans for managing climate change. The combined message is synergy. Denial and character attacks are being left behind in the wake of a broadening scientific, business, and spirtual consensus. The paradigm of environmentalists blaming industry and government mediating the fight over regulation is passing. At the heart of this latest development: the "Invisible Hand" of self interested capitalism is saying 'we're all in this together', in part because corporations in the rest of the world have already figured it out and are getting a competitive edge.

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