Community Wind Farm in Danger


Adam Twine raised over £4m, from more than 2,000 investors, to build a co-operative wind farm called the Westmill Wind Farm Co-operative. He successfully won a legal struggle over planning permission, but has another hurdle before work can start. Tax breaks and increased popularity have sent turbine prices up, and the estimated cost of the project has risen by 30%. Twine believes that the project is worth continuing with though, "If it does work, in the long term, it will have been the right choice because it increases the potential for it [community wind farms] to happen in other places."

Twine has had to open the co-operative to new investors, and the race is now on to find another £850,000 in the next week, or planning bureaucracy will mean a further two year delay. If you want to donate to the project, with a minimum of £250, then please head here and help them reach their target. :: The Guardian

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