Coming: Republicans-Be-Nice To Canada Week

top sources us crude oil image

Image credits: USEIA, Weekly Retail Gasoline Prices (5/2/2011)

When recently I wrote the post GOP Post-Birther Strategy: ' Where's Our Cheap Gas' the way forward was overlooked. Without further ado, I present the obvious: with Canada in top supply position (as pictured), expect any serious GOP presidential candidate to make Ottawa pilgrimage. Praise the Lord and pass the campaign contributions.

retail gasoline prices image
For explanation, see Brian's post, House Reps Squash Effort to End Oil Subsidies After Raking in $8.7 Million from Big Oil.

But first, have a look at the $$$ misery trajectory in this chart.

What does it all mean?

It means the Obama Administration will consider making first homage to Ms. Alberta Tar, Lady of SUV dreams. Uhhh.

And it means wondering aloud why that Canadian oil is so expensive? {HInt: they have us over a barrel.

It also means trotting out a time-proven platitude: when one party wants the other out of power, gasoline prices make a convenient bludgeon.

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