Coming Clean -- Free Books For First 25 Treehuggers

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Friends have told me they're haunted by that "Drill, Baby, Drill" chant and are worried about good enviros they know who seem to be getting soft on the image of more offshore oil rigs. I tell the friend that if they want to bone up on the facts and hear some sound arguments against a continued dependence on fossil fuels -- extracted from our backyard or someone else's -- they should read a new book by Rainforest Action Network Executive Director Michael Brune.

Brune's book, Coming Clean: Breaking America's Addiction to Oil and Coal (published by Sierra Club Books), provides a sensible map down the path to energy independence, showing how we, as motivated citizens, can promote real solutions and collectively pressure government and corporations to change their energy priorities.

Brune's been on the front lines of this issue, and he's got a bird's eye view of solutions that are on the ground already, as well as what's around the corner that can hit the market sooner than later. Coming Clean tracks the myriad ways our thirst for dwindling supplies of oil and coal corrupts national policy and international finance, harms poor communities worldwide, and wreaks havoc on the climate. Brune describes the most promising developments in renewables, biofuels, and efficient design, and outlines an inspiring vision of the clean energy future within our reach.Brune and his organization have had stunning success in convincing corporations -- including Home Depot, Citi, and Bank of America -- to green their business practices, and his activist skills and passion are at the heart of this book. I respect the fact that Coming Clean not only offers well-tested action strategies, but is also rooted in Brune's faith that Americans acting together can create profound change. founder Wes Boyd, agrees: "Straight from the front lines of the battle for a clean, cheap energy economy, Mike Brune tells the fascinating inside story. With fuel prices soaring, his practical vision for how we can 'come clean' is tremendously important. I especially appreciate his guidance on how we can make this revolution happen before it’s too late."

The first 25 Treehuggers who sign up here will get a free copy of Coming Clean. Or you can always visit Sierra Club Books to read more about it and order a copy.

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