Comedian Represents US at Climate Talks (Video)

eugene mirman cop15 cliamte photo

This man is representing the US. Photo via NY Mag

A couple days ago, we saw some of the world's best reportage on the COP15 climate talks from this man, Eugene Mirman. Okay, so perhaps it was not the world's best reporting. Perhaps it was the furthest thing from real reporting possible.

But at least it was hilarious. Now, it appears that the US has unintentionally allowed this very man to represent them at a booth in the Bella Center where the climate talks are taking place. Watch after the jump:

I post these videos of Eugene, who's Grist's special reporter in Copenhagen, to (hopefully) provide a break in the intensity and tension that's still brewing in the talks (largely between the developing and the rich nations)—many are losing hope that real progress can be made, and fingers are already pointing the blame. Of course, the talks are far from over, and many world leaders are yet to arrive. So in the meantime, at least we can laugh about it.

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