Combatting Climate Change: Salon's Hot List

Salon (in partnership with Rolling Stone) has a really nice piece on their 28 leaders fighting to keep our planet cool. It's a good mix of scientists, politicians, celebrities and general global warming changemakers, from the usual suspects like Al Gore (who has an accopanying piece here), Amory Lovins and Tony Blair to high-profile celebs and business-people like Laurie David (whom we've recognized for her planet-cooling efforts before)and Hiroshi Okuda (Toyota's Chairman), to a mix of both -- Arnold Schwarzenegger, California's Governator himself. There are a few names from big business that, at first glance, seem a trifle unusual -- Duke Power CEO Paul Anderson and General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt -- but upon further review, the article shows their inclusion is well deserved for their abilities to leverage change in a typically dirty industry on a very large scale. The whole article is worth reading, and you can do it here. If you don't want to sign up for membership, you can still read the article after clicking through an ad.