Colorado Works to Fix Major Loophole in Tire Recycling Program

Colorado created a Waste Tire Program last year that was meant to boost recycling efforts and technologies for used tires in the state. It's funded by $1.50 fees that are collected from every retail tire purchased, but The Denver Post has been reporting on a loophole that allowed a company to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for doing nothing more than dumping tires.

Other companies that benefited from the program reportedly did have plans for recycling waste tires, but the company in question, Magnum d'Or Resources, was paid up to $62,000 a month, and payments continued even after officials became aware that the company had no plans to recycle tires.

The Denver Post wrote, "Magnum did little more than shred thousands of tons of tires and dump them into 50-foot-deep pits alongside the roughly 60 million other scrap tires stored at its 120-acre site."

But the Post reports today that state officials and business owners are now trying to close the loophole that essentially allows for subsidized dumping, and the issue was discussed at a Waste Tire Advisory Committee meeting yesterday. From the Post story: "With an eye toward paying companies that recycle the shredded tires, officials and members of the state's Waste Tire Advisory Committee began cobbling together legislation to shut the loophole in the year-old program."

Colorado Works to Fix Major Loophole in Tire Recycling Program
Advisory committee tries to eliminate loophole that allows company to be paid to dump tires.

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