Colorado Poised To Become Green Jobs Central: Vestas To Employ Over 2,000

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This has nothing to do with political conventions, and everything to do with the wind and the future - a little bit about the tipping of the balance of power among lobbyists.

Vestas expects to employ 2,450 people in Colorado.

The towers will be built in Pueblo - biggest such in the world. Blades and nacelles in Brighton CO. Blades in Windsor.

That's probably more people than work in "clean coal' combined, the world over: and they don't even have to get filthy. No support columns caving in on poor miners either. Nice. Who would have thought a Danish company would be the light at the end of the tunnel.
Via::Forbes, Vestas picks Pueblo for wind-turbine tower plantNote only that.

Shares in Denmark's Vestas -- the world's #1 wind turbine maker -- shot up 8 percent last Friday on news that the company had an order backlog worth $10.7 billion. The backlog grew 67 percent since a year ago -- a strong indication of continued robust growth.
Via::Solve Climate, Danish Wind Turbine Company to Outsource 1350 Jobs -- to Colorado

You can imagine the gnashing of teeth from the Front Range, coal-bed-methane lobby. Like that free market enough guys?

Image credit::Coppa Consultancy, Vestas vignette

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