College Grads Go Green On Graduation Day!

Well we've had a green Oscars this year, but how about going green at graduation? Turns out showing eco-solidarity at graduation just may be a theme that catches on this season. As one example, more than 100 of the 560 graduates at Dickinson College in Pennsylvania signed sustainability pledges promising to recycle and conserve resources as part of graduation day. But they took it a step further by pinning green ribbons onto their black graduation gowns during the ceremony itself to show solidarity with one another in the fight for a sustainable future. As Ian Roderick, an English and history major from Moorestown, N.J. pointed out, "I think that our generation is the one that actually has to make the real critical choices about sustainability," and going on to add that, "Wearing this ribbon shows solidarity with others. If you show people you're thinking about it, then others might start thinking the same way." With certainly like-minded college and high school students across the nation set to graduate this spring I’m wondering how many might choose to get involved and make it a national form of action. It could be one way in which students can stand together and let the nation know that they certainly do care about the environment, and that they are willing to take action to protect it.

via: The Patriot-News