Cold Case: Who Hacked Climatic Research Unit Emails Back In 2009?

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"Cover of the September 21, 1889, issue of Puck magazine, featuring cartoonist Tom Merry's depiction of the unidentified Whitechapel murderer Jack the Ripper." Image credit:Wikipedia.

Perhaps you've read about last week's political turmoil in Britain over the alleged hacking of private cell phone accounts by person(s) working at or with the UK tabloid paper, News of the World, beginning, apparently, in 2005.

Rupert the Scooper is taking heat and ties between UK government officials and the tabloid media are the subject of high controversy. A person of interest was recently arrested, 6 years after the hacking was first reported.

This 6-year old case, finally broken, reminded me of another hacking controversy in the UK. We still don't know who hacked the servers at University of East Anglia's (UEA) Climatic Research Unit (CRU)? Police investigators concluded that thousands of emails and other documents created by climate scientists were stolen from a backup server by outsiders and not released in an 'inside job.' All involved scientists were fully exonerated of tabloid-style charges and no laws were found to have been broken by the authors of stolen documents; yet, no one has ever been held accountable for the original hacking.Al Gore has a beard, flies in airplanes, and lives in a mansion. Don't need to hear about it again. But, the 'climate gate' hacking is a cold case we'd like to see cracked.

If you'd like all the bloody details, here's what broke the NoW story last week.

Wall Street has an interest - stay tuned.

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