Coffee Lifeline Rwanda: Renewable Energy for Better Coffee


We've covered the fabulous Freeplay Lifeline Radio before, and we've also written about the plight of coffee farmers who are exploited because they lack information about current market prices.

Now, in the kind of story that TreeHugger loves, we are seeing these two topics come together — clean, self-powered radios are being used to inform farmers about processing techniques to improve their product, and up-to-date market information to make sure they get fair compensation for their efforts:

"Coffee Lifeline Rwanda's radio program is called Imbere Heza, which means Brighter Future in the Kinyarwanda language. It provides detailed information about coffee processing techniques, international market and pricing information, interviews with coffee roasters and importers, weather reports, and news from local coffee cooperatives. Imbere Heza is broadcast nationwide via National University of Rwandas Radio Salus station. The response has been tremendous. Coffee farmer Ms. Leoncie Uwimana told a London Times reporter, With the techniques I am learning on the radio, I will make more money and set my familys life up for the future. Mr. Francois Habimana told us, I carry my Lifeline radio with me into the fields and to the coffee washing stations. The farmers get together and listen to different information and share special coffee production topics that we hear on Radio Salus."

What could be better? Renewable energy working towards decent living standards, and tastier coffee!

NB. We couldn't form a direct link to the coffee lifeline page, but you can click through from the Freeplay Foundation home page. ::Freeplay Foundation ::via site visit::

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