Coca-Cola Quits American Legislative Exchange Council

Another big corporation breaks from climate denying, right-wing fundamentalists: Word has just come in the Coca-Cola has quit the American Legislative Exchange Council.

The Coca-Cola Company has elected to discontinue its membership with the American Legislative Council (ALEC). Our involvement with ALEC was focused on efforts to oppose discriminatory food and beverage taxes, not on issues that have no direct bearing on our business. We have a long-standing policy of only taking positions on issues that impact our Company and industry. (Think Progress)

Though not mentioned by name in the press statement, the move comes just hours after a Color of Change petition targeted Coca-Cola's funding of ALEC, singling out ALEC's pushing of voter ID laws that "disenfranchise large numbers of Black voters", as well as ALEC backing so-called shoot-first laws, such as exist in Florida, and have been claimed to have contributed to the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Though also not mentioned by Coca-Cola, Triple Pundit speculates that ALEC's long time climate change denial and opposition to climate action may have also played a role:

ALEC is deeply involved in promoting model climate change denial legislation that is clearly at odds with Coca-Cola’s core sustainability efforts, particularly in regards to the company’s signature water stewardship efforts.

Quitting ALEC may not make Coke's products any healthier—the great elephant in the room of any sustainability initiative they undertake, in my mind—but it is beyond a doubt good to see another company backing away from supporting organizations that are anti-nature, anti-environment, ultimately anti-people to the core.

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