Coal State Rep Worried About Bats and Birds


We are positively touched by the new environmental concern shown by West Virginia Rep Nick Rahall. Why, he is just beside himself with concern that wind turbines might be hurting bats and birds, and is pushing for legislation that would more strictly regulate wind energy to protect birds, bats and other wildlife that might be killed by flying into the giant turbines. While there is a lot of evidence that this bird is a canard, Rahall says "I suspect that wind projects are on a regular basis in violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Endangered Species Act." The American Wind Energy Association says it would " "essentially outlaw the generation of electricity from new wind power plants in the United States and even phase out power production from existing wind turbines."

We are certain that the fact that West Virginia is a major coal producing state has nothing to do with this, wind turbines would be effective clean producers of power even on West Virginia's mountaintops, if there were any left. via ::Yahoo

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