Coal Power Plant + Music from The Shining = Disturbing Timelapse Video

coal power plant image

Image via Vimeo screengrab

Jeff Grew has created a timelapse video showing the emissions from the mid-America power plant just south of Council Bluffs Iowa. He states that the video isn't a political statement - that it's purely for the love of art - but it's tough to watch this and not think about the political and environmental implications of all the emissions spewing from this place. The music paired with the video clips is the clincher.

Coal Power Plant Timelapse from Jeff Grewe on Vimeo.

Grewe states, "The music is from the movie trailer for "The Shining." I am not making a political statement with this video. My intentions are purely artistic. The imagery is intense and I found audio to compliment it."

Intense indeed. Can you imagine taking a nice deep breath of...that?

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