Coal Industry Executive Terms Green US Corporations "Un-American"


When we were kids there was this playground taunt...when one kid called another a "name," the response was he who says it, is it...that came to mind on reading of the name calling that surfaced at a recent coal industry conference. But the future of the earth is no school yard game. And infighting based on environmental principles, is something that until now seemed to have been restrained to we greens. So, something big must be happening with US industry. "...Robert Murray, chairman and chief executive of Murray Energy Corp., warned the coal industry could collapse with the loss of 3 million to 4 million jobs if carbon dioxide emission controls are introduced.

He has even put his money where his mouth is by refusing to do business with Caterpillar Inc. -- a manufacturer of the very mining equipment his company needs. "There are a number of companies that are promoting constraints on coal use to achieve greater profits and/or competitive advantages," Murray said at the coal conference. He branded more than 20 major corporations that make up the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) "un-American" for allying with environmental groups he calls "enemies of coal." Via: Reuters UK, Top Coal Companies Label Other U.S. Industries "Un-American" Image credit:: Cinergy See also:-Obama Refines His Position on Coal

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