CO2 Emissions Rose 2% in 2008 - Curbing Industrial Activity Not the Solution: German Institute Says

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Despite global recession, and for the tenth straight year, CO2 emissions keep rising. Reuters reports that German renewable energy institute IWR has calculated that global CO2 emissions rose 1.94% in 2008, up to 31.5 billion tonnes. But they have a solution: Stop trying to curb industrial activity and instead tie renewable energy investment to CO2 emissions:IWR said that "Kyoto is not working out" -- rather than falling, emissions have climbed some 40% based on 1990 levels -- but that trying to persuade countries to slow industrial activity will only result in bickering and hostility. Instead investment in renewable energy needs to be tied to the amount of emissions a country is producing -- nations with higher CO2 emissions having to make greater investments in renewable energy.

IWR recommended that the $170.3 billion invested in renewable energy in 2008 will have to be increased to about $710 billion per year to prevent catastrophic climate change.

via: Reuters
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