Co-op America to Become Green America

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Co-op America Goes Green(er?)
After 25 years, Co-Op America is making a pertinent moniker change for the greener. The non-profit organization, with 100,000 members in tow, has long been involved in encouraging the development of sustainable business and technologies. So it makes sense that, in a thrust to update and better advertise their mission, Co-op America will change its name to Green America next year. But why the change now, after a quarter century of pro-green practices?Greener America, Same Mission
The executive director of Co-op America, Alisa Gravitz, states that, "After 25 years of leadership in creating the green economy, we feel now is the time to bring the word 'green' into our name. As more people embrace 'green' we want them to know we are a resource and authority on building authentically green lives and businesses."

The organization justifies the name change (as if they have to) by referring to the list of services Co-op America already offers for the environmentally conscious. They include: running the Green Business Network, sponsoring green festivals, and offering the Green Pages, a huge list of environmentally related businesses and products.

'Green' is a hot button term, to say the least—it's a good idea for a fine organization to make use of such a highly visible term. Non-profits have to promote their image, too after all.

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