CNN's "Buying Green" Special Report


CNN has a special report up entitled "Buying Green." The premise is based on the idea that "the rise of organic foods, recycled products and eco-friendly ingredients have helped a generation of consumers 'go green,'" and they're aiming to move that process along even further. Included in the report are stories on the mainstreaming of organic food, wind power and green building, plus a green quiz and some fun widgets and numbers designed for quick digestion. At the heart of the special issue is both the amount and variety of small things that consumers can do to be a little greener, and the ease with which one can do so; by making it seem easy and quick, it looks like CNN is hoping to engage and educate more people with a quick hit of green ideas, info and tips. It won't start a revolution, but it might change a few minds and spending habits, and the more of that we can get, the better things will be for everyone. ::Buying Green via ::People Against Dirty Blog

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