CNBC Falls for Chamber of Commerce Climate Hoax (VIDEO)


Yesterday, Daniel posted the fantastic video of the Yes Men fooling the major news organizations by pretending to be the Chamber of Commerce. The hoax convinced the likes of Reuters and the Washington Post that the Chamber had changed its ways, and now supported climate legislation. But the cable news networks also fell for the gag, and reported the updates live--and you can watch the entire event unfold via this 2-minute montage after the jump.Here's the cable news networks' reaction to the (false) breaking story that the Chamber of Commerce was supporting strong climate legislation--you can tell it shocked the anchors, as the Chamber is perhaps the strongest anti-climate bill force in the nation right now:

You've got to love that comment at the end about Obama having something to with the prank . . .

And here's the video of the press conference itself--pretty hilarious stuff.

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